Puzzle contest 2020

Welcome to inteGIRLS' virtual puzzle hunt!

Work in teams to solve a set of puzzles! No experience required

So far, we have over 300 teams signed up from over 30 countries!

We're hosting this event in place of our annual middle and high school math competition for girls due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the safety issues of hosting the event in person.

Puzzles will be released Friday May 29 at 5pm (ET)

                           due Sunday May 31 at 5pm (ET)

by puzzle writer Sophia Weng


This is an event designed for GIRLS and NON-BINARY individuals only. If you do not identify as either of these, we encourage you to check out other puzzle events here

Girls from any country can enter. 


For the High School division: the oldest member of your team must be in 12th grade or lower

For the Middle School division: the oldest member of your team must be in 8th grade or lower

(middle schoolers can choose to join the high school division)



This is a team event with a MAX of 4 members. If you need another member, you can reach out on our forum and meet other interested individuals from around the world!

We strongly encourage using video calls, shared docs, and other methods to collaborate with your team.

Resources you may use:

- Your brains!

- Your team members

- Published content such as books, articles, videos (Examples: Wikipedia, YouTube, etc.)


Resources you may not use:

- People who are not part of your team

- Non-inteGIRLS forums or other internet communication (Examples: StackExchange, Quora, etc.)


This contest is about working with your team members and having fun, in spite of the chaos and stress in our lives right now. So relax, and don't cheat -- don't post answers/clues online and ruin the contest!

Rules and

honor code

Meet The Team

Joy Shi

Organization President

Leadership Team

Sophia Weng

Head Puzzle Writer

Adam L.

Puzzle Writer

    Avani Ahuja

    Leadership Team

    Ivy Liang

    Leadership Team

    Julie Steele

    Leadership Team

    Laura Yao

    Puzzle Writer

    Matthew Siff

    Puzzle Writer

      Pravalika Putalapattu

      Leadership Team

      Rithik Sebastian

      Puzzle Writer

      Sanah Imani


      Shrikar Vasisht

      Puzzle Writer

      Vishal Kanigicherla

      Puzzle Writer

        Zain Majumder

        Puzzle Writer

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        P.O. Box 4366, Rockville, MD 20850

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