When does the hunt begin?

We're hoping to open this virtual puzzle hunt the weekend of Nov 6th.

What should we do between now and official registration?

FIND A TEAM! Your team can have up to FOUR members and all must be an age within or younger than the division that your team participates in.

Our official registration will begin upon completion of our puzzle Infinity platform developed by Mingjie Jiang --updates on that are posted on our forum!

How do the divisions work?

Middle School Division: Grade/Year 8 or younger

High School Division: Grade/Year 9 - 12 (counting sixth form) or your school's equivalent

College/Open: College students and beyond 

I am not female or non-binary, what can I do?

This event is designed to inspire more female and non-binary students to participate in puzzle hunts. We encourage you to check out our last puzzle hunt (we've been so lucky to have had Galactic Puzzle Hunt writer Patrick Xia stream-solve our puzzles)

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