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Work in teams to solve a set of puzzles! No experience required

We're hosting this event in place of our annual middle and high school math competition for girls due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the safety issues of hosting the event in person.

Puzzles were released Friday May 29 at 5pm (ET)

                                         due Monday June 1 at 12pm (ET) (noon)

Our full rules document 


This is an event designed for GIRLS and NON-BINARY individuals only. If you do not identify as either of these, we encourage you to check out other puzzle events here

Girls from any country can enter. 


For the High School division: the oldest member of your team must be in 12th grade or lower

For the Middle School division: the oldest member of your team must be in 8th grade or lower

(middle schoolers can choose to join the high school division)



This is a team event with a MAX of 4 members. If you need another member, you can reach out on our forum and meet other interested individuals from around the world!

We strongly encourage using video calls, shared docs, and other methods to collaborate with your team.

Resources you may use:

- Your brains!

- Your team members

- Published content such as books, articles, videos (Examples: Wikipedia, YouTube, etc.)


Resources you may not use:

- People who are not part of your team

- Non-inteGIRLS forums or other internet communication (Examples: StackExchange, Quora, etc.)


This contest is about working with your team members and having fun, in spite of the chaos and stress in our lives right now. So relax, and don't cheat -- don't post answers/clues online and ruin the contest!

Rules and

honor code

Meet The Team



Organization President

Joy is the founder and current President of inteGIRLS Inc. She first began competitive math in middle school, but she's been passionate about STEM for as long as she can remember. Her experience at Math Prize for Girls -- the premier all-girls math competition -- inspired her to create a similar community of girls, but open to all. This year's inteGIRLS Puzzle Hunt has been another step towards her dream of connecting girls in STEM from all over the world. She'll be attending California Institute of Technology (Caltech) this fall.



Leadership Team

Julie Steele is a sophomore at Georgetown Day School. She enjoys math, science, programming, and dance. An avid competitor in math competitions, she qualified for AIME in 2019 and 2020 and attended Math Prize for Girls in 2019.



Leadership & Puzzle Team

Laura Yao is a senior at Richard Montgomery High School. She has participated in many different puzzle hunts and is also a big fan of jigsaw puzzles. Laura has competed in various math modeling competitions at the national level and loves programming. She will be studying Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in the fall.



Head Puzzle Writer

Sophia Weng is a senior at Montgomery Blair High School. She is an avid puzzle solver who has competed in multiple local, regional, national, and international puzzle hunts. Sophia writes crossword puzzles for her school newspaper and dreams of one day publishing a crossword in the New York Times. She will be studying government and statistics at Harvard University this fall.



Leadership Team

Ivy Liang is a junior at Montgomery Blair High School. She is a vetarn when it comes to math competitions, having qualified for AIME since 2016, and attended the annual MIT Math Prize for Girls since 2018. Aside from math, Ivy enjoys playing flute and making music in general, having won a variety of national and international competitions along her journey.



Leadership Team



Leadership Team



South Asia Liasion

She is a graduating senior at TISB in Bangalore, India. She is going to pursue a BS in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. She's very enthusiastic about empowering females to take up STEM problems and challenges! Fun fact: In an alternate universe, she would have been a criminal lawyer.


Puzzle Writer

Adam is a senior at High School who enjoys writing puzzles, even if he’s a bit slow at solving them. If all goes well, he will be studying Science at University in the fall.

Rithik Sebastian.JPG


Puzzle Writer

Rithik Sebastian is a freshman at the University of Maryland - College Park. He is currently majoring in Computer Science and Math and is a part of the Gemstone honors program. He started participating in puzzle hunts in freshman year of high school and hasn’t stopped since. He’s never made puzzles for a hunt before, so he’s super excited to see how it turns out. He also likes long walks off short piers.

Matthew Siff.jpg


Puzzle Writer

Matthew Siff is a 12th grader at Georgetown Day School in Washington, DC. He came to puzzle-solving through quizbowl, where he has placed in the top 10 nationally in both team and individual competitions. In his free time, Matthew is a frequent (although not particularly excellent) solver of the New York Times Crossword. He will be attending Yale University in the fall.



Puzzle Writer

Shrikar Vasisht is a senior at Wootton High School. He has been doing puzzle hunts since last year. Shrikar competes in many cybersecurity and programming competitions, and loves to do math. He will be studying Computer Science at the University of Maryland this fall.


Puzzle Writer

Vishal Kanigicherla is an 11th grader at TJHSST in Alexandria, Virginia. He became interested in puzzle-solving through his experience with in-school competitions and through his time playing quizbowl. Vishal spends his time reading up on neuroscience and having fun with puzzles and games.



Puzzle Writer

Zain Majumder is a senior at Thomas S. Wootton High School. He has been doing competitive math and programming since middle school, and has been captain of his school's math team for two years. He enjoys all types of puzzles, but he likes Nikoli-style logic puzzles in particular. He has been interested in puzzle hunts for about a year. He will be attending the University of Maryland in the fall to study Computer Science.



Meta Puzzle Solver aka the Director of Tech Operations

Mingjie leads a Hack Club in Rockville, Maryland, working on community engagement & public identity. He’s also run Hack Chicago, CodeDay, and countless other hackathons to spread his passion for technology. He will soon be attending the College of Letters and Science at UC Berkeley, with an intention to study Computer Science.

Puzzle Team
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