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Founder • Puzzle Team

Joy Shi

Joy is the founder and president of INTEGIRLS Inc. She first began competitive math in middle school, but she's been passionate about STEM for as long as she can remember. Her experience at Math Prize for Girls -- the premier all-girls math competition -- inspired her to create a similar community of girls, but open to all. She is a sophomore at California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

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Executive Director • STL/MO Chapter

Shubha Gautam

Shubha Gautam is a senior from Columbia, MO. Since she discovered her passion for mathematics in middle school, she has participated in many math competitions and programs, including MATHCOUNTS, ARML, AIME since 2021, SUMaC, and even a local INTEGIRLS contest. She has taught competition math to girls and non-binary persons locally, and hopes to continue her efforts toward bridging the STEM gap through INTEGIRLS. In her free time, Shubha loves to explore beautiful areas in Missouri, write, and hang out with friends.


Executive Director • Bay Area Chapter

Michelle Han

Michelle Han is a junior from Granite Bay, California. She is passionate about minimizing the gender gap in math and fostering a math-loving community for females & non-binary students. She has qualified for AIME, Math Prize for Girls, AMC 10 DHR, and was given the MAA Young Women in Mathematics Prize. Aside from math, Michelle enjoys playing tennis & reading webcomics!


Tech Director • D.C. Chapter

Marina Lin

Marina is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. She is passionate about math and hopes to inspire other students in STEM. She was a member of the National MATHCOUNTS team from Virginia and was given the MAA Young Women in Mathematics Prize. She has been qualified for AIME and Math Prize for Girls at MIT.

Besides math, Marina is an avid golfer. She also enjoys reading and writing!


Sponsorship Manager • Indianapolis Chapter

Sophia Fu

Sophia Fu is a junior at Carmel High School in Carmel, Indiana. Sophia is passionate about math and history, and is interested in exploring the intersection between the two through INTEGIRLS and beyond. Sophia is a multiple time AIME qualifier, MAA Young Women in Mathematics certificate recipient, and former INTEGIRLS competitor! In her free time, Sophia enjoys crocheting, doodling on ProCreate, watching history documentaries, and chilling with her dog, Bingo, and her hamster, ToTo.

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Problem Writing Director • Boston/Concord Chapter

Harini Venkatesh

Harini is a sophomore from Brentwood, NH. She first fell in love with problem-solving through a program at her elementary school and became an avid competitor in math contests, including MATHCOUNTS and AMC, where she qualified for the AIME and Math Prize for Girls. After participating in an INTEGIRLS competition in 2020, she joined the community as a problem writer and has since worked to promote its mission to inspire math-loving female and nonbinary students. When she's not doing math, Harini enjoys listening to music, playing tennis, and watching Chicago Med. 


Social Chair • Bay Area Chapter

Olivia Xu

Olivia is a senior at the Harker School. Math has been a big part of her life since middle school, and she's participated in numerous math competitions including USAJMO and Math Prize for Girls. She especially loves engaging with the math community and is excited to continue to do so with INTEGIRLS. Outside of math, she enjoys playing water polo, writing for her school’s journalism program and crocheting gifts for her friends.


Social Media Manager • Cincinnati Chapter

Ramya Rajan

Ramya is a junior at William Mason High School in Ohio. She’s been involved in competition math since middle school, taking part in many math competitions including MATHCOUNTS, AMC, AIME, and ARML. She’s been a part of the INTEGIRLS organization since 2021 and cannot wait to help the community expand through social media. In her free time, Ramya enjoys watching sitcoms, drawing, and listening to music.


Statistics/Scoreboard Director • Miami Chapter

Sabina Khizroev 

Sabina is a rising junior at Miami Palmetto Senior High School. She loves getting involved with math through clubs and competitions, and has participated in competitions like Mathcounts and AMC. Aside from math she likes science, reading, walking, and hanging out with friends!


Outreach • Problem Writing

Minerva You

Minerva is a junior at University High School in Irvine, California. She is very passionate about math and wants to share her love with more students in the math community. After competing in an INTEGIRLS competition, Minerva was impressed by how math can establish so many connections between people, so she joined the INTEGIRLS community as a problem writer. Minerva has qualified for AIME and Math Prize for Girls, and received the MAA Young Women in Mathematics Certificate. Aside from math, she enjoys playing instruments and reading detective novels!



Chapter Head Advisor • DC Chapter

Julie Steele

Julie is a freshman at MIT studying computer science and AI. She enjoys conversations learning from and working with chapter heads, bringing her previous experience from growing integirls, leading the DC chapter, and being part of the puzzle team. The AIME and USAMTS were some of her favorite math competitions. She also loves to dance and do improv comedy. 

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Chapter Head Advisor • Houston Chapter

Ramya Iyer

Ramya is a freshman at Stanford University. She fell in love with mathematics during her middle school years and has participated in numerous city, state, and national-level math competitions. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, watching thrillers, and playing with her yorkipoo.


Chapter Advisor • Philly Chapter

Hannah Gao

Hannah Gao is a senior at Harriton High School. Ever since she discovered her passion for math, she has participated in numerous math clubs and competitions, including Mathcounts and AMC. She has also qualified for the AIME and Math Prize For Girls competition. Hannah was inspired to join the INTEGIRLS community after participating in one of the puzzle hunts, and has since been dedicated to promoting its mission of bridging the gender gap in problem-solving. In her free time, Hannah loves playing violin, playing tennis, and coding!

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Chapter Advisor • Dallas / Fort Worth Chapter

Helen Li

Helen is a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin. In high school, she began participating in a variety math competitions, where she discovered the joy of problem solving beyond a computational school curriculum. She knows how intimidating and discouraging it can often feel being one of the only girls in the room, so she was happy to join INTEGIRLS in bridging the gender gap and promoting inclusivity in the competitive math community. Besides maths, she loves reading, researching ethical AI or philosophy, and trying new things :)


Chapter Advisor • DC Chapter

Lillian Sun

Lilllian is a sophomore at Harvard studying computer science, mathematics, and statistics. She began math competitions in middle school and has participated in USAMO, AIME, and Math Prize for Girls. She has been with INTEGIRLS since 2020, working on outreach and fundraising as a former DC Chapter Co-President. In her free time, you can find her dancing, reading, kayaking, or trying new foods.



To learn more about the Problem Writing Team, visit




Puzzle Team


Adam is a freshman at college who enjoys writing puzzles, even if he’s a bit slow at solving them. He studies science at university.


Puzzle Team

Laura Yao

Laura Yao is a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University. She has participated in many different puzzle hunts and is also a big fan of jigsaw puzzles. Laura has competed in various math modeling competitions at the national level and loves programming. She studies computer science.

Matthew Siff.jpg

Puzzle Team

Matthew Siff

Matthew Siff is a freshman at Yale University. He came to puzzle-solving through quizbowl, where he has placed in the top 10 nationally in both team and individual competitions. In his free time, Matthew is a frequent (although not particularly excellent) solver of the New York Times Crossword. 


Puzzle Team

Shrikar Vasisht

Shrikar Vasisht is a sophomore at University of Maryland. He has been doing puzzle hunts since last year. Shrikar competes in many cybersecurity and programming competitions, and loves to do math. He studies computer science.


Puzzle Team

Vishal Kanigcherla

Vishal Kanigicherla graduated TJHSST in Alexandria, Virginia in 2021. He became interested in puzzle-solving through his experience with in-school competitions and through his time playing quizbowl. Vishal spends his time reading up on neuroscience and having fun with puzzles and games.

Zain Majumder.jpg

Puzzle Team

Zain Majumder

Zain Majumder is a sophomore at University of Maryland studying Computer Science. He has been doing competitive math and programming since middle school, and has been captain of his high school's math team for two years. He enjoys all types of puzzles, but he likes Nikoli-style logic puzzles in particular. 


Puzzle Team

Ellie Feng

Ellie Feng is a junior at Conway High School. She discovered competitive math in middle school, and since then, she's qualified for AIME in 2020, 2021, and 2022 and was invited to Math Prize for Girls in 2022. She was introduced to puzzle hunts through the inteGIRLS spring puzzle hun which lead her to joining the puzzle writing team for inteGIRLS. 

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