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We are the INTEGIRLS Problem Writing Team! We create tests for the fall and spring chapter competitions for every chapter of INTEGIRLS (except the Bay Area and Indianapolis chapters!), and we also run INTEGIRLS’ Problem of the Month series. On this page, you’ll find information about the current Problem Writing Team, how to enter the Problem of the Month and how to apply to join the INTEGIRLS Problem Writing Team.


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Director of Problem Writing Operations • Boston/Concord

Harini Venkatesh

Harini is a rising junior from Brentwood, NH. She first fell in love with problem-solving through a program at her elementary school and became an avid competitor in math contests, including MATHCOUNTS and AMC, where she qualified for the USAJMO and Math Prize for Girls. After participating in an INTEGIRLS competition in 2020, she joined the community as a problem writer and has since worked to promote its mission to inspire math-loving female and nonbinary students. You can find her on AoPS and on Discord as contactbibliophile.


Director of PW Outreach • LA/OC Chapter

Minerva You

Minerva is a rising senior at University High School in Irvine, California. She is very passionate about math and wants to share her love with more students in the math community. After competing in an INTEGIRLS competition, Minerva was impressed by how math can establish so many connections between people, so she joined the INTEGIRLS community as a problem writer. Minerva has qualified for AIME and Math Prize for Girls, and received the MAA Young Women in Mathematics Certificate. Aside from math, she enjoys playing instruments and reading detective novels!


Problem Development Co-head

Amogh Akella

Amogh Akella is a rising junior at Westwood High School in Austin, Texas. He is a two-time USAJMO qualifier and honorable mention, and a 4-time AIME qualifier. He is also a problem writer for other contests such as OMMC. In his free time, he enjoys doing geometry and combinatorics, playing sports such as soccer and cricket, playing chess, coding, and playing the piano. You can find him on discord at hgomamogh or hgomamoghsalt and on AoPS at mathboy100.


Problem Development Co-head

Isa Caballero

Isabella Caballero is a rising junior from Mexico City. She’s been part of her city’s team in several math contests, obtaining different awards individually and with her team. Isabella recognizes the importance of encouraging girls and non-binary students to pursue areas in STEM, which is why she joined INTEGIRLS. Now, she hopes to inspire more students and help them find a community of people who also love math. In her free time, she likes listening to music, reading, and playing with her cats.


  • Tarun Rapaka
  • Ritwin Narra
  • Emma Yang
  • Jenny Chu
  • Sabina Khizroev
  • Ryka Chopra
  • Sophia Zhang
  • Jonathan He
  • Aaron Fan
  • Aaryan Vaishya
  • Rohan Pavuluri
  • Anlan Xu
  • Janice Lee
  • Drishti Motwani
  • Carolyn Cao
  • Celina Zhou
  • Sahiti Doke
  • Kallie Wang
  • Scarlet Gitelson
  • Ada Huang
  • Jonathan He
  • Roselyn Chen
  • Rachel Li
  • Alex Liu
  • Jiseop Lee
  • Tina Gao
  • Eva Xu
  • Stephanie Yao
  • Ada Huang
  • Emma Li
  • Rachel Li
  • Vasumathi Raghavan
  • Yuegelica Yeong


Information about the Problem of the Month series is forthcoming and will be posted here in the coming weeks.


To join the team, fill out There are no stringent prerequisites for applying to join the problem writing team. If you are interested, you should apply regardless of competition ability, results, or gender! We generally prefer candidates who have qualified for the AIME already or equivalent (or international alternatives), but we accept new problem writers based on multiple criteria, including but not limited to competition math skill.
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