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Non-Trivial Fellowship!

Hi everyone! 

We hope you’re all excited for the upcoming summer! We have a special opportunity to share for those of you wondering how to make your break truly count.

Ever dreamt of tackling real-world global problems with your math skills? This summer, Non-Trivial is offering an incredible chance to do just that—and they’re supporting our INTEGIRLS community with a $500 scholarship for anyone who joins their fellowship!

Non-Trivial fellows include people like Julia (EGOI 2023) and Ervin (IMO 2021 and 2023) who created an algorithm to align AI models.
Non-Trivial fellows get access to:

  • A $500 scholarship for all fellows

  • A world-class community of olympiad medalists and others who deeply care about the world

  • Up to $15,000 in funding

  • Guidance from facilitators at Oxford, Cambridge, and Stanford Universities

Early applications are due March 31st. Apply early to get increased interview chances, an early admissions decision, and access to an exclusive event!




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