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Gender & inteGIRLS

Who can participate in inteGIRLS events? 

Girls (female-identifying) and non-binary individuals can participate in our events. Male-identifying individuals may volunteer and work at inteGIRLS, but they may not participate in the events.


Women only represent approximately 28% of the STEM workforce. Non-cisgender individuals have virtually no representation in the STEM workforce or in media. We want to create a a safe environment where girls and non-binary individuals feel encouraged and comfortable to explore STEM, specifically mathematics and puzzle-solving. inteGIRLS is also a way to meet and connect with other girls and non-binary individuals.  

Who can work at inteGIRLS? 

We welcome all genders (including male-identifying) to apply to work at inteGIRLS and volunteer. 


If you have further questions or need anything clarified, feel free to email us at 

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