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winter 2022
inteGIRLS math competition

Our virtual math competition consists of individual and team math competition rounds and fun STEM related activities! No experience required!

Dates: Oct 29, Nov 5, Nov 19, Nov 26, Dec 10, or Dec 17(depending on location)

Scroll below to signup with your local chapter! If you aren't near a chapter, signup at the global signup.

A Natural Girl

let's conquer math together! 


Only girls and non-binary students comfortable being grouped with girls may participate (read more).

Please register with your nearest chapter below. If you either are not within a couple hours driving distance of a chapter, or the time of your local chapter's competition does not work for you, register using the global sign up form (link).


For the High School division: the oldest members of teams must be in 12th grade or lower

For the Middle School division: the oldest members of teams must be in 8th grade or lower

(middle schoolers can choose to join the high school division)

team guidlines

The team event has a MAX of 4 members. For more members, students can indicate so on their chapter sign-up form and meet other interested individuals!

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