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Fall 2020 Virtual Math Competition

A fun day of team math competition rounds and various STEM related activities

(ice breakers, estimathons, guest speakers, trivia, pictionary, & more!).

Our 10 chapters across Pan-America hosted their own competition on Zoom.

No experience was required!

Date: November 21, 2020


Featured below are all the chapters that hosted a Fall 2020 inteGIRLS competition!

Since this competition was virtual, students not within loosely a couple hours driving range of a chapter were randomly paired with a chapter. This means we had participants from all over the world, not just Pan-America!


This event was designed for GIRLS and NON-BINARY individuals only (read more)


For the High School division: the oldest members of teams were in 12th grade or lower

For the Middle School division: the oldest members of teams were 8th grade or lower

(middle schoolers could choose to join the high school division)


This was a team event with a MAX of 4 members. For more members, students could reach out on our forum and meet other interested individuals from their area!

Below are the chapters that hosted Fall 2020 competitions!

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