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 inteGIRLS Chapter Application  

Start your own all-girls math competition for students in your community with the help of inteGIRLS!


We are planning to add a couple chapters to host our math competition for Spring 2021. It will be either LIVE or ONLINE, depending on the pandemic conditions in the chapter's region.



Perks of Working With inteGIRLS


As a global non-profit with many supporters, we can easily help you start your event with some organizational funding


Every chapter-based competition will use the same problems, carefully written and tested by our talented and qualified Math Content Development Team.



Starting your own event isn't easy! With inteGIRLS, you'll have the experience of leaders and successful event hosting team members at your fingertips.



Email if you have any questions!

Live Competition Features

Online Competition Features

Starting an inteGIRLS Chapter

Chapter Head

Chapter Team Members

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